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Got Dry Eyes?

We’ve had so many women in the store this week complaining about dry eye syndrome. Not only does this affect your eyes, but you may want to consider changing your eye makeup routine.

I too suffer from a mild case of dry eye due to menopause. I have found that a simple switch to cream eye shadows had made a huge difference. Our cream eye shadows are great because they are long wearing and water resistance. The colors layer really nicely, so you can create your own colors and the combinations are endless. I also pulled out an old classic Merle Norman product, Natural Brown Shadow to use to create a little more depth.

Here’s my routine:

  1. I start with Anti-Aging Eye Complex for moisturizing and sun protection.

  2. I apply a thin layer of Eye Shadow Primer to even everything out.

  3. I squeeze a bit of Nectar shadow out and apply to the entire lid (lashes to brow) with a Shader brush.

  1. Next I squeeze either Toffee or Sugared Almond on the Natural brown shadow and blend it in with an eye shadow brush and apply to the lid.

  1. I use Natural Brown Shadow in the crease applied with the angled shadow brush.

  2. Line and Mascara and I’m done.

Cream color products, like eye shadows and blushes tend to look sheerer, like the color is coming from within.

Stop by and try this technique if you too have dry eye!

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