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What's Your Merle Norman Story? Enter To Win!

Marketing experts tell us that recommendations and endorsements posted to a company’s Facebook or Website are the 2015 equivalent of the 1960’s coffee clutch! Millennials or Generation Y’s search the web for product recommendations before they make any type of purchase.

In the past, we at Merle Norman relied heavily on word of mouth advertising and customer loyalty. In fact, we still have many customers who tell us that their mother or grandmother brought them into a Merle Norman for their first makeover and they have been loyal ever since. Of course, there was not nearly the competition that there is today. Your endorsements are more important than ever. You can endorse your favorite product , service or beauty consultant on our Facebook page at or send a message on our website!

Some of recent endorsements are:

“Think this is really the shortest hair I’ve had since it was growing back after my chemo. I worried about Allan’s response. No comment. Not being able to rest in that, I finally asked what he thought about the cut.

His reply: “ I really like it, you look like one of our favorite movie stars.” Who might that be I asked to which he replied,” you know, one of our favorites, Judi Dench.”

Is it okay that I look like her, oh yes, he said, I think she’s pretty cool. Thanks for your good work, everyone! - Nancy

“This is my 'zen' place!”

"Best place on earth! Great service! Very knowledgeable staff always willing to help! And when you call...ask about the free express facials!!(seriously! Free facials!!)"

We’d love to hear your Merle Norman stories! Was it your mom who introduced you to Merle Norman? Send us your story and we will enter you and your mom in a drawing to win an hour of pampering. (Express facial, paraffin hand treatment and makeover) Send your story to

Contest ends 5/1/2015. Winner will be randomly selected via random number generator.

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