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Lash Lift & Tint


Imagine waking up with perfectly curled lashes every morning for approximately 6-8 weeks!  A Lash Lift is essentially a perm for your eyelashes. Silicone gel pads are placed on the eyelid and then the lashes are adhered to the pad. After that it's all processing time, a perm solution and setting lotion are applied.  You can also have them tinted for an additional charge. The whole service takes about an hour!

Lash Lift: $65 - $75

Last Lift with Tint: $75 - $85

Lash Tint: $20 - $25

Lash Extensions


Classic lashes provide you with the length, volume, and curl you’ve always wanted. These extensions are ideal for clients who want fuller yet still natural looking lashes. Customized to your eye's shape and your style. These lashes are effortless & natural! Please arrive to your appointment with no makeup on. 

Our in-house lash tech Zeyra books appointments via her lash website:

Brow Services

Brow Tint: $20 - $25

Brow Wax: $20

Brow Stain: $50

Brow staining using Intense Brow(n)s brow coloring system is a form of eyebrow tinting to add depth and shape to the brows by using pigment that stains your skin, giving your brows a thicker and darker look. Available in a variety of colors and mapping unique to you. The tint stays on the brow hair up to 6 weeks and up to 14 days on the skin.


Brow Lamination: COMING SOON! $75

Brow lamination is a process of straightening the brow hairs to create a fuller shape that makes the hairs more flexible so everyday styling is easier. Think Brazilian blowout for the brows! Results last 8 weeks. 

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