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Brookfield Body Scrub
Brookfield Milwaukee Dry Brushing

Body Treatments

Body Scrub Treatment: $80 - $90 (75 minutes)

Our most-loved body scrub! A full body exfoliation that removes the first layer of dead skin cells to give your skin a silky, smooth, and glowing complexion. Infused with hydrating and moisture-binding seaweed and olive oil to energize and nourish the skin. Followed with a relaxing massage for full body hydration. You will feel energized and refreshed, with smooth, silky, soft skin. 

Dry Brush Therapy: $65 - $75 (60 minutes)

A full body dry brushing technique gives your skin a thorough exfoliation while the pressure helps to stimulate your circulation and lymphatic drainage; which in turn will help the body eliminate toxins. Followed by a massage oil for hydration and contour to smooth out the appearance of your skin. 

Blemish Fighting Back Treatment: $65 - $75 (60 minutes)

This deep cleansing, exfoliating and clarifying back treatment will help eliminate back acne and revitalize dull skin with acne-fighting and age-defying peptides.  Micro-exfoliation with Cocoa, Coffee, a Multi-Fruit AHA Complex, and Seaweed extracts to reveal glowing skin.  A custom mask extracts skin impurities giving your skin a radiant, more even complexion.

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