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What the HECK is TECH NECK?

We've all heard of it, and we've all feared for it: the turkey neck. Now that technology is (literally) constantly at our fingertips, this term has been transitioned to "tech neck". A recent study from a digital analytics firm Flurry found that people with access to a smartphone or tablet now spend an average of 2 hours and 57 minutes on them each day. This constant action of bending our necks to look at our smartphone or tablet can result in sagging skin, dropping jowls, and creases on our neck and chest.

Want to prevent and even repair some of this damage? Here's some helpful tips:

1. Take care of your neck as you do your face.

Many women worry about the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and face skin care, while forgetting the fragile neck skin just below. Degraded collagen and a loss of elasticity make all your skin, not just your face, more prone to wrinkles, sagging, and uneven coloration as you age. In fact, the skin on the neck is even thinner than on the face, making it even more vulnerable to fine lines and sun damage.

2. Start to incoporate neck specific moisturizer into your skincare routine.

Merle Norman has two neck creams. Each addresses different symptoms of aging skin. Skin looks older when it is discolored and when it is wrinkled.

  • Our Brilliant-C Neck Cream has a high concentration of Vitamin C, Licorice and Grape Extract to help diminish discoloration and brighten the appearance of dullness on the neck.

  • Ultimate Firming Neck Cream introduces scientifically-proven firming and tightening ingredients in a rich, luxurious formula.

  • It contains a new and powerful skin loving lipid called Juvinity that has been proven (in vivo )to significantly reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

  • This formula also contains a brand new 3D Express Lifting ingredient called Instensyl that is fact acting to immediately smooth the skin and provide a tensor-like effect which last for hours. Tested on over 800 panelists versus placebo, this anti-aging ingredient tightens and firms.

  • This cream produces an immediate tightening or girdle-like effect on the neck with a special cocktail of 13 age-defying extracts and peptides.

We recommend choosing the cream that best suits the main concern for your neck. Both are recommended to be massaged in daily!

3. Exercise your neck.

It may sounds silly, but there is a way to exercise your neck to prevent tech neck (also known as facial yoga)! There are plenty of options, but this is our favorite, as it can be done pretty much anytime, anywhere:

  1. Tip your head back and look up to the sky with lips closed. Once you’re looking up, make an “O” shape with your mouth, and then slowly mouth the letter “E”. Repeat 10 times.

  2. Still with your head tipped back and looking upward, keep your lips closed, and slide the lower lip up and over the top lip as far as you can. Hold for a count of five. Relax and repeat five times.

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