Serums 101

What are serums? Serums are treatment products containing highly concentrated ingredients to target specific concerns. How do they work? Lighter & Faster are qualities we look for when buying a computer. They're also the attributes that make a serum effective! The molecules in serums are smaller than those in moisturizer so the skin can absorb them quickly and they will penetrate deeper into the skin. Why use serums? By using serums, you can intensify the strength of your skin care regimen and more effectively address your skin concerns. The difference can be quite dramatic when you use the serums consistently! How to choose serums: We offer EIGHT different serums addressing different concer

Melt-Proof Makeup Ideas

June has arrived! That means our weekends will be spent relaxing on the lake, enjoying dinner on the patio, and partying down at Summerfest. Along with all this comes hot weather! Now, we all know that women don’t sweat, they “glisten.” With summer upon us, here are 10 tips to “glisten” proof your look: Try a waterproof concealer for the summer. Cover up gives fabulous coverage, is a little more dense and completely waterproof. Switch to a silicone based foundation, like Lasting Foundation. Silicone acts as a film between your skin and humidity, preventing foundation from melting and makes it completely transfer resistant against those white collars! Lasting Foundation also dries to a com

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