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Spring Cleaning!

Today is the first day of Spring! Let’s talk about spring cleaning, spring cleaning your face that is!

First of all, if you have oily skin, or wear a heavier foundation, did you know that one cleansing may not be enough. For years we have heard from facialists you endorse a two-step cleanse, first to remove your makeup and then to cleanse the skin. They have used a traditional cleansing cream as the first step and then a foaming cleanser as the second step. Almost all skin types can benefit from this technique.

Just as everything else in our world evolved due to new technology, so has cleansing. New to the skincare world is an ingredient call Micellar Technology. Getting squeaky clean skin without water is now possible with Cleansing Water. Cleansing water is a detergent free solution that removes makeup, cleanses and tones all in one step. The main ingredient in this product is a particle called a micelle, which looks a little like a balloon with a tail. The “balloon” is hydrophilic (loves water) and the tail is lipophilic (oil loving) I like to think of it as a “Swiffer”, it will grab all the big stuff. Cleansing Water should not replace your regular cleanser and is a perfect cleanser to use in the morning to freshen up. Plus, it jump starts the moisturization process, so you will use less of your more costly moisturizers. I learned a great trick from Sam when we were doing our 12 days of Christmas videos. She uses the Cleansing Water after Dual Action Eye Makeup Remover to remove any residue. Great tip!

I can’t talk about skin cleansing without mentioning toner. Toners are probably the most neglected step in cleansing, but may be the most important. Toners are multi-functional. They act as a final rinse, neutralize and prepare the skin for moisture. Many toners have added benefits such as AHA’s, brightening agents, peptides or astringents to meet the needs of specific skin concerns. Try toning just half your face some day. You will be amazed at how much more product you have to use on the side without toner.

Of course, you are always welcome to come in for your free express facial. Let us help you select the best cleanser and toner for your skin type!

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