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Kissable Lips!

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, we all long for KISSABLE lips! Sometimes, this dry, dreary, Wisconsin Winter weather does not allow for our lips to be so. We've got you covered in just 3 easy steps: Smooth, Soothe, and Shine!

1. Smooth: Exfoliate your lips! When lips are really dry and chapped, a super smoothing treatment like Lip Revive will help dissolve flaking skin. It contains a gentle beta- hydroxy acid that breaks down the bond that holds dead skins together. It provides moisturizing, anti-lining and anti-feathering benefits as well. You won’t believe how instantly smooth you lips feel and your lip color will glide on beautifully and won’t look cake-y. Think of it as a primer for you lips. We like to recommend that you do this after brushing your teeth morning and night.

2. Soothe: Once your lips are smooth, soothe them with Lip Conditioner spf15. It’s packed with humectants and emollients that instantly nourish and moisturize. Plus it has UVB protection to keep lips looking their best.

3. Shine: For the finishing touch, new Liquid Lip color has a unique whipped texture that makes lip color easy to apply. It has a multi-hydration system, lip plumping ingredients and elastomers which help the color move with your lips. For a perfect pout, line first with a coordinating lip liner, or dap on for a sheer stained look.

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