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What our clients are saying...


"Friday night Stephanie gave me a Keratin treatment... I am soo happy with the results! My hair is normally crazy thick and super unmanageable. Now I can blow dry and straighten my hair in 1/4 the amount of time!! Thank you so much!!" Aubry


"This is the most amazing place I ever had the pleasure of coming too. It is beautiful, and everyone is gueinly nice. I had the pleasure of Katy Mahoney cutting my hair (she had done my eyebrows in the past and done a great job.) I highly recommend this place of business! No words can describe how amazing this place is other then going yourself to see! This is EVERYTHING I have been looking for in a beauty parlor!" Antoinette


"Thank you Erin for the wonderful haircut and helping me find a foundation that works well for me. I have received many compliments on the bangs :)" Sarah


"Thank you for always taking great care of me, along with my friends and family that I have referred to the studio. The level of service and care you provide creates a customer experience that is one of a kind!" Kim


"My first encounter with MN cosmetics was at the meer age of 11. I babysat for the most beautiful woman who used MN's fabulous products. Well, of course, a curious babysitter played make-up artist while the children were asleep. Voila...Forty-eight years later and I am hooked!!! Thank you for your continued service and many smiles and companionship. You have helped so many to feel better about themselves." Peggy


"Erin did a great job with my hair and she is a breath of fresh air. Look forward to coming back." Kim


"I want to thank Renee Hitt, her daughters and employees at Merle Norman salon for their expert advice and services. My daughter was married this past Saturday at 11:00 AM in Gesu church. Months prior to this event we started planning our hair and makeup. As regular customers at the salon we tried different products and looks. I brought in my “mother of the bride dress” and received help and advice on jewelry, nails, and make up. They even mixed a special color for my nails. On Friday, the bridesmaids went into the salon to have manicures and pedicures. On the day of the wedding we went to the salon at 6:30 in the morning, in the dark, way before the salon opens, to begin our preparation. We brought our wedding clothes and jewelry. We brought in fruit and rolls and were served plenty of hot coffee and tea. Eight of us had our hair done, six had makeup done. Renee, Erin, Katy, and Stephanie felt like family that morning as they helped us get ready. The beautiful salon had all the quality products and services we needed. We left at 10:00 AM ready for the day. From the 11:00AM ceremony through the reception which ended at midnight, our hair and makeup looked beautiful. We felt confident and the pictures looked great. I had so many compliments from our guests on how beautiful we all looked. I cannot say thank you enough for all the help and attention we received from our friends at the Merle Norman salon." Linda


"Thank you! I have never had my skin look this amazing in my entire life thanks to Merle Norman products! Just wish I started using it sooner! Brilliant C serum is like a miracle in a bottle!" Kathy


"Great Merle Norman Shop, best staff around. I have been a "Merle Girl" for 38 years...and some people think I don't even look that old-- almost anyway. Love that you skin can be so wonderful when you take care if it with Merle Norman." June


"I love the Brilliant C Line and the way it makes my skin look and feel. I get compliments daily, thank you!"Amy"Love the way the makeup feels and even after wearing it while working out or during a dance recital I dont have to reapply the makeup! It still looks great" Wendy


"I love Merle Norman because of all the wonderful people that work there. They are so nice and welcoming, it feels like you are at home when you are there :)" Kassey


"I love all the product I have very sensitive skin and it is the only makeup line that doesn't cause me to break out. I have used it since I was a teenager." Michelle


"Merle Norman Products are wonderful but the best for me is the Staff at the Merle Norman Cosmetics Brookfield. They are friendly and very helpful. Love your new studio." Gabriella


"My daughter and I are so comfortable at Merle Norman. All the staff are great. They take their time with you and make great suggestions." Mary


Lisa"I love the lipcolor and mascara! The staff is always very helpful and makes it fun!"


"I LOVE Merle Norman cosmetics! I recommend it to all my family and friends. And they have AWESOME staff!!" Diana


"I love Merle Norman cosmetics because it is the only family of products that has resolved my rosecea issues!" Beth


"I love Merle Norman because everyone is so friendly, it's at a convenient location, and the foundation primer is the only thing I have ever found that helps my oily skin!" Michelle

We work hard to make our customers happy. Client success stories and words of appreciation show that we are doing our job right! We appreciate your loyalty, and thank you for choosing Merle Norman! If you would like to add a testimonial to our website, please use the form below, OR post it on our Facebook page!

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